Social Media Audit

Social Media Audit is done by collecting and analyzing data found in social media accounts. It is possible to monitor activities, objectives, goals and progress reports of a business by doing regular audits. Doing an in-depth audit makes you understand whether you are spending too much time and money on a business goal that is not yielding results. It is necessary to audit every aspect of social media marketing in-order to get a complete picture of all dimensions.

Audits help you to understand in detail the number of clicks received, engagement of users, general sentiment of engagement, average response rate and response time. You also get to learn about referral traffic from social platforms to your site. You get to directly learn about reviews, comments and direct messages received.

Get Detailed Results

On completing an audit it is possible to compile all the metrics to get a detailed result. The metrics are determiners like the number of followers, likes received on posts, shares of posts, comments of people, clicks, views, and post reach. It is also possible to learn about engagements on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter when influencers are tagged. It so happens that sometimes our assumptions are wrong. So, a detailed audit gives you an idea about what is exactly going on every social media site.

Learn About Audience Demographics

Social media sites will make audience information available to users. The insights are made available in the form of Facebook Audience Insights, and Pinterest Analytics. Sprout social is a third-party analytics tool that is also sometimes brought to use to learn about audience demographics. Social media audience’s demographics are thus understood by looking into such information.

Check For Consistency

Know about your target audience how they are interacting with you and their reactions to your posts. Monitor your presence on several social media platforms and how consistently people are coming back to you. Learn about whether people you are connected to respond rapidly to your messages and emails. Also, get to learn about the content that you are sharing whether it is a blog post or user-generated content. Note, whether if people like the posts and if there are commenting on your shares.

Setting Goals

Customer profiles are consistently evaluated and based on the findings, the business goals are set. You can decide what is important for the coming months and what needs to be improved upon. Concrete goals are set based on the number of followers, responses and comments, and audit suggestions. The results of the audit are saved for future references.

Do Reviews on Budget and ROI

Social media audit is necessary to carry out budget reviews and understanding ROI in detail. On social media, you may have to involve in many activities like ads expenditure, campaigning, consultant fees, third party analytics, software, apps and so on. Expenses on all these fronts need to be analyzed in detail. It is necessary to calculate costs on every aspect and then analyze the results. After an accurate analysis, it is possible to take appropriate decisions.

With modern tools and methods, it is possible to carry out social media audits. It is a worthwhile investment as then you get to know where your business stands. At Yukti Digital, experts are engaged to provide detailed social media audit reports. You can avail our services to learn who your audience is and where you need to invest. Our results shall help you to create better social media campaigns and maintain your yearly calendars.