SEO Audit

An extensive SEO audit highlights a website’s shortcomings with regard to the website coding, mobile optimization, technical configuration, site speed, etc. These shortcomings affect website performance in multiple ways like reduction in organic traffic, slow page loading speed, poor mobile experience, content duplication, broken links, not following Google webmaster guidelines and so on. By hiring professional SEO audit services, all these loopholes are easy to fix and it becomes easy to get the desired search engine rankings.

At Yukti Digital, our SEO experts analyze a website by conducting an in-depth SEO audit and creating a strategy that will help in maximizing the online performance of any business. Our experienced team makes use of specialized tools and techniques and uncovers factors that are contributing to improvement in ranking of your business website. We are indeed competent to perform SEO auditing of every kind and for every business having a website with two or thousands of pages.

We believe availing SEO auditing services either annually or bi-annually are similar to going for a health check-up. Just like the check-up ensures that you are not missing out on identifying any life- threatening diseaseses, similarly SEO audit allows a company to take corrective measures at the right time. If any website changes its content and code frequently, belongs to a highly competitive online industry and multiple individuals work on the site simultaneously, then it is highly advisable to avail our SEO auditing services once in a year.

Our SEO auditing services include:
  • Technical SEO Audit: A bad technical SEO infrastructure of a website affects its ranking adversely. Our expert team will conduct a technical SEO audit to understand areas of concerns and come up with strategies to troubleshoot them. In this journey, our web development team works along with the SEO team and updates different things on a website right from sitemaps, responsive codes to meta directives.

  • On-Page and Off-Page Audit: A detailed on-page and off-page audit will help in reviewing your link profile, bad or broken links and SEO structure of all pages and fixing them in the right manner. This makes any website search engine friendly as it gets easily indexed by major search engines.

  • Penalty Identification & Recovery: It is important to find out the right reason why a particular website is penalized by a search engine, resulting in adverse effect in its rankings. We have been helping many clients with the penalty identification process and bringing them on to the path of recovery by letting their website regain high search engine rankings.

  • Keyword Research and Content SEO Audit: A website’s content needs to be SEO friendly and it must satisfy the user’s intent in order for achieving top rank in any search engines. For this, it is necessary that a business should target the right set of keywords. Hence, we offer both keyword research and content SEO Audit services to our clients that will make their website SEO and keyword-friendly.

    Why not try our SEO audit service to get to the root of what is currently going on with your website?