PPC Audit Services

PPC audit services are meant to help in pay per click Ad campaigns. It is the best way to enter into your PC account and discover specific areas that require improvements. The importance of pay per click audits is great and the job is done by professionals at Yukti Digital. Good marketing is possible with this service in place. It is an award-winning method and serves right.

To put it straight if your PPC account is underperforming and is low on ROI, it becomes necessary to evaluate the areas of deficiency. This is done with the PPC audit services that delve deep into campaign areas and evaluate what went wrong and which areas need to be improved upon.

Necessity of PPC Audit

When you are doing an audit of your PPC campaign, it is possible for businesses of all sizes to know where they stand against other PPC marketers in similar spend brackets. Then advertisers get to know exactly what went wrong in their PPC accounts and what all is needed to be done to improve an account's performance. Expected results are attained when recommended changes are made. It is only after necessary corrections that good results are achieved by clients.

Stops Wasted Spend

Whenever you are taking on a PPC campaign it is very important to ensure that whatever you are spending does not go waste. As wasted spend is detrimental to PPC campaigns, so pay per click audit tool serves you right by doing reviews of negative keywords. Our team at Yukti Digital does the correction for you and make sure that all negative keywords that are not paying off are eliminated from the search list.

Improves Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Our PPC audit measures CTR of our esteemed clients. The CTR is the measure of ratio of users who click on an Ad to users who view a page. We work to improve our client’s CTR as this is how their business gets a boost. A low CTR count would mean that you may be losing out to competitors.

Keyword Optimization

We choose the right keywords for our client's business. When long-tail keywords are used it ensures that they are key to high performing PPC campaigns. Our team of experts knows exactly what sort of keywords to create for a client's business. So, after auditing all the keywords that are in use, we recommend changes and accordingly the right keywords for businesses are created by our experts.

Reviews Ad Text

The PPC audit does reviews of text used in Ads. The quality of your text is very important as it improves on your impression, clicks, CTR, and ranking. Our experts know exactly where to do corrections and how to improve the quality of an Ad.

Optimizing Landing Page

With PPC audit be sure to have enough landing pages to match up with competitors. With more landing pages it is possible to disseminate a targeted message. Hence, a business gets optimized on all landing pages. Our experts make sure that every keyword used is targeted to more number of landing pages.

Social Media Budget Spend

It is necessary to monitor your spend on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others. Your social PPC budget should pay back dividends. So, we work on messages that are going to resonate and we simultaneously try to improve the reach. The social PPC audit is a roadmap to drive incremental business and boost our client's visibility across all social media channels.

Our team at Yukti Digital works on every aspect of PPC Audit. We work on expanded texts for every Ad that is created. We also do optimization of your Ad campaign to target mobile traffic. So, after a PPC audit, your reach gets further expanded. That is how messages reach intended the audience in very little time. To learn how we help our clients achieve their goals, contact us. Our contact detail is available on your website.