PPC Ad Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) is the online advertising payment model where payment is done based on qualifying clicks on an advertisement. Ads during a campaign normally appear on top premium positions and along the right side rail of a webpage. With PPC it is possible to target specific keywords and create ads. A keyword-targeted ad that appears on search engine result page (SERP) is ranked based on maximum cost per click bid (CPC) and quality scores. Normally, the cost of one keyword varies from the other. So, CPC is based on the cost of individual keywords.

PPC is more than a keyword bidding solution. It means diverting traffic to a site, identifying different geographical areas, determining costs, and making profits. It is not possible to run ads without an effective PPC service in place. The reason being it won’t add to your profits. At Yukti Digital, we do advanced keyword research and find out what all strategies will work best for a client’s Ad campaign.

Doing Analysis and Managing PPC Campaigns

Our goal is to work on the campaign structure and achieve highest ROI. We maintain an efficiency level and reach out to audience throughout a network distribution with our effective PPC Campaigns. This is how we improve on the quality score and the visibility of ads improves on search result pages. Monitoring of ads daily and how they are showing up on different result pages based on a specific keyword is what does the job for us. Based on visibility, our team decides whether there is a need to increase on the CPC.

Our PPC Ad Campaign

Our team does periodic campaigns of Ads and makes it possible for an Ad to appear on different landing pages. Average click-through rate helps to raise rankings of Ads and decreases cost per click. So, our intent remains to increase the number of clicks on an Ad per second. We put in all effort to maximize the number of clicks so that your Ad ranking goes higher up. Our experts also wisely make selection of a keyword so that the click rate remains high. Testing is done for every keyword we create to improve the average click-through rate.

The Way We Deliver our Services

We discuss everything with our clients. This includes bid amounts, bid positions, daily ad budgets, and everything related to keyword matching. Our team does extensive keyword research, Ad copy research, and creates expert Ad copies. A/B testing also known as split testing is done on our end. It compares two versions of an Ad to know which one is performing better. We monitor every single keyword created and the way it is performing for an Ad. Monthly reporting is done for every ad campaign carried out at our end. There may also be adjustments made and campaign settings optimized to increase profits and improve ROI.

We Don’t Depend on Autopilot

Our PPC managers are always analyzing and monitoring activities that are on SERPs. The Ad we create and the campaign we launch are personally monitored by our experts. Whether a campaign is launched on a daily basis or every week, we are always on, 24x7 hours. Our team makes sure that Ads perform very well and meet the expected goals. Our manual operation has barred the use of an autopilot.

The PPC Ad Management service that is provided at Yukti Digital is pretty straightforward and there is no high charge involved. We provide all types of Ad campaigns. To learn more about our service, consider visiting our site or you can also contact us directly.