Leaflet Design

To send a quick message across to help someone understand is why leaflets are made. Leaflets are created to convey a message without overwhelming the audience. They have very simple formats and focus on big ideas. It is easy to bundle them and so many leaflets can be carried together in crowded places to be distributed to people.

We at Yukti Digital, strive to create attention-grabbing leaflets. For this reason, we make a wise selection of photos, text, and graphics. The content is blended in a way that the flyers look very good. The astounding look and feel of leaflets interest people and so they love to open and read its content. Our designers work hard on every project to create designs that get noticed. So, the leaflets we make are trusted by clients as they know that it is going to work for their business.

Making Impressive Designs

We include attention-grabbing text and photos to help our designs stand out. We use a single font for one leaflet. Too many variations in color are not made and simple design is created by the use of simple colors. It makes your design attractive and attention-grabbing. The use of simple fonts makes it more scan-able.

Creates General Awareness

The leaflets we create are used for announcements, to inform about products and to create general awareness. Product detail, general information, and customer feedback received are included. All this information helps to build trust and so people reading the leaflet believe in its content.

Make leaflets in Different Forms for Distribution

Everything is based on the target audience as to whom you want to share the leaflet. So, identifying the audience gives us an idea as to what sort of leaflet needs to be designed. For street promotion and distribution, we make a single page easy to distribute flyers. For door to door drop off, a folded form of the leaflet may be designed. For distribution by inserting in newspapers and other publications, we design simple and effective leaflets to reach a targeted audience.

Compact in Design

Several page sizes are used to create leaflets. It can be made on A3, A4, A5, A6, A7 paper sizes. The message is compressed so that graphics, pictures, and details can be added. Both the front and backside are designed in a way that it speaks out and looks impressive. Distribution of leaflets is easy and it helps a business to grow.

Glossy cover

For a leaflet, it is very important that glossy paper is used. Glossy paper keeps the leaflet damage-free as it is not easy to write on the back. So, when it is distributed to people, they stay the same without damage. That is why our clients can expect to send a message out about a product launch or some other event and see customers coming to them. This is how a business can gain large number of customers.

To know more about how we create leaflets and why our leaflets work, come to our corporate office Yukti Digital. Here, you will be detailed about how we take up projects and make them a success story. We have many satisfied clients who are now associated with us for long term. You can also become our most esteemed customer and avail our services like ‘leaflet design’ that will surely help you meet your business requirements.