Why Email Marketing Services

Every business has three basic goals: engaging customers, increasing customer retention rate and brand awareness. Different companies adopt different marketing strategies to achieve these objectives. But we believe why to implement different strategies when one strategy offers all?

A right and relevant email marketing strategy is a powerful tool to close a pending sale, bring back lost customers, nurture relationships with potential clients and increase brand awareness. These objectives are easy to achieve with other marketing strategies, but an email remains unbeatable on the grounds of cost, effectiveness and universal appeal. Email marketing campaigns designed by the professional team of Yukti Digital will help businesses to attract new customers, increase brand recognition among customers and eventually boost sales and ROI.

Professional Email Marketing Campaigns Make a Difference

When a competent team of Yukti Digital designs an email marketing campaign, every client will able to see the remarkable difference. We are unsurpassable in email-marketing domain as we have both: knowledge of handling basic and technical requirements and experience of designing campaigns for both small and large-scale companies of different industry verticals. Our customizable email template gives a strong head start to our campaign and continuous monitoring gives us a scope of improvement. While designing a campaign, we consider industry and the target audience. Equally, we give importance to factors like automation, responsive email design, email personalization, email subject line and copy, landing pages and so on.

Full or Partial-Management: Choice is Yours

There is no compulsion to make us a full-time email marketing partner. We handle email marketing campaigns partially as well where we handle email copy, coding, distribution and subject line split testing. Our fully-managed services varying from responsive email design, automation, email subject line and copy to email segregation and personalization offer value proposition and bolster long-term relationships between brands and customers without costing a lot of resources.

Performance-Oriented Management

Continuous monitoring and adjustment play a major role in defining the success of email-marketing campaigns and we work in accordance to that. We are ready to make even last minute changes if required. Our clients can evaluate the success and failure of our email marketing campaigns on performance metrics like bounce rate, conversion rate, open and click rate. We share a weekly, fortnightly and monthly report containing real-time data about performance metrics and measures taken to improve them.

Transparent Pricing Policy

Our clients always appreciate us for a transparent pricing policy. We offer email marketing services in packages. On the basis of packages, services and prices vary. Our clients are free to choose any packages in line with their business requirements. We are ready to create even a tailor-made package for them. In case of any additional services like additional email volume, custom unsubscribed page, target lists, custom email address capture, we levy additional charges with a clear disclosure of additional charges.

In order to view these packages and understand their unique benefits, drop us a mail today!