E-commerce Maintenance

It is essential to do maintenance of an E-commerce website to ensure its performance. With regular updates and maintenance work, a website’s life increases and it remains on top ranking searches of Google. To ensure great maintenance service, it is needed to come to Yukti Digital to avail excellent maintenance work done by us.

Our engineers make sure that your website becomes a faster working site having all the latest features and updates. We check on all parameters and remove bugs that dampen the site. We maintain 99% accuracy in getting codes corrected if we find anything incongruous. We ensure that the basic design of the website is restored while it does not look outdated. Our task is also to check how a site fares on a smart-phone, desktop and laptop.

Regular Maintenance

Now make your website more reliable for sales. In SaaS environment, regular maintenance is needed to help the site operate normally. Maintenance cost implies to all and we at Yukti are able to bring consistency in pricing to our clients. Small fixes and instabilities are done with utmost interest to help a site regain its performance. Any major breakdowns are also taken care of by our experts. An E- commerce site is always readied for best performance and to increase sales.

Update Content

Content is King and if the site has any outdated content that is not relevant it needs to be replaced with fresh ones. Visitors to a site need to read content that is attractive and describes the products or services listed on the website. So, update the content to make it relevant to your website. Tweaking new content and writing regular blog posts help to improve the ranking of a site.

Increase Speed

Every e-commerce site works well and fast in the beginning. But, after a certain interval of time, they slow down. To restore their responsiveness it is necessary to get the maintenance work done regularly. For this reason, we remove all hidden bugs and glitches that are responsible for the slowdown of a site. We keep introducing new protocols so that a site starts to speed up again. So, whenever a customer lands on your e-commerce website, they are going to have a high-speed shopping experience. Then customers shall also feel tempted to return for buying new items.

Review Design

Initially, the UX design of your site may have been perfectly alright. However, with the passage of time, the UX design may invite a review as there may be scope for improvements. Design in e-commerce business is subject to change and so needs to be reviewed. Alterations in design may become compulsory for improvement in performance of a website. So, our team takes care of this need and does whatever deems fit.

Include Latest Features

It is important to make sure that your E-commerce website has all latest features incorporated in it. We make sure to add features that really add to your business profits. Features like AI based personalization engines track behavior of people and suggest them products based on their interests. Engaging customers by sending them emails from an email database of the e-commerce site is a great way to increase sales. Having targeted landing page displaying items that a customer has earlier shown interest in is also vital for business. At Yukti Digital, we make inclusions of such latest features in our client’s e- commerce website.

Size of a Site

The size of an e-commerce site also has a lot to do. A large business needs more attention as their traffic and sales are higher. Large sites also face competition in market. That is why there is need for constant improvements in their UX design. A lot of maintenance work is required to keep things running smoothly.

Professionals at Yukti Digital are very competent in carrying out all kinds of maintenance work. Our e- commerce maintenance services are applauded and we have highly satisfied clients. To learn more about our service, talk to our advisor or visit our office.