Product Data Entry

Product data entry is our service where we make updates of information like names, brands, titles, manufacturers’ details, images of products and other relevant details. The purpose why we do product listing is to enhance user experience to increase sales. We at Yukti Digital support e-commerce stores and our seasoned professionals do all kinds of product data entry services for clients who come to us.

Our data entry experts upload, update and manage products that stay listed on e-commerce sites. We take care of every aspect that can help flourish your business. Our experts fetch accurate information and include SEO friendly product descriptions. Main features of products are highlighted and given specific importance.

We do Catalog Indexing

Catalog indexing is very crucial for an e-commerce business. Our trained data entry experts do it with accuracy and speed. All products of a site are placed in appropriate categories and sub-categories. Indexing of catalogs is done in preferred formats and by doing so our experts improve the user experience and conversion rate for a site.

Graphics Play an Important role

All source images of a site are resized, watermarks added to them, and their design changed. We also make other changes to images like adding thumbnails, increasing zoom-in view, and maintaining the file naming convention. Our team supports our clients with innovative graphic work and tweaking images wherever necessary.

Changing Content

Accurate and persuasive content is key to increasing sales in e-commerce business. Our experts add exclusive details to describe products. We change content that appears incongruous, half-hearty, and incomplete. We add titles, taglines, and include content to make your site appear relevant to visitors. Our professionals add appropriate details to make the site look catchy. In this way, you have more number of visitors and more conversion rates.

SEO Support

Our team is very expert at developing SEO friendly product descriptions. What we do is we create content that best suits your business ideology. So, the message gets communicated to people who visit the site. As the content is SEO based so it makes the site search engine friendly. So, our clients see promotion of their site on Google and can reach out to their targeted audience with ease.

E-commerce Store Maintenance

Maintaining your website is our prime job. We are great at maintaining your database, adding new product information, and scrapping old product details. All outdated product information is changed and updated by our experts. We make it a point to comply with the latest trends. Our team works on the maintenance part and ensures that the store keeps performing with increased sale.

Catalog updates

The professionals are Yukti Digital add product information such as name, title, product descriptions, price, manufacturing details, availability, prices, warranty, and so on. Complete product specification is added to make the site look authentic. This is how we help our customers better understand the details about the product that they wish to buy. We do updates of images, information, specification, and details of all products. Our experts also update information about offers and sales. In this way, online presence of e-commerce site grows.

We at Yukti Digital take special care to make sure that Product Data Entry is appropriate and up to the mark. Our professionals work diligently to include SEO content that works. To learn how we help increase sales, visit our office or go through our website.