E-commerce marketing

E-commerce marketing is a way to guide online shoppers to find reliable e-commerce websites and help them buy products online. Professionals make use of different methods to carry out E-commerce marketing. Search engine optimization, affiliation with renowned websites, and email marketing are some common ways by which professionals do e-commerce marketing.

At Yukti Digital, we employ several methods to make it possible for an e-commerce site to be available to customers worldwide. For this reason, we do market affiliation, send offers and promotions to current customers to hold on to them, carry out PPC advertising, and put on display Ads to help grow customers to a website.

Upsell Products

We try to tell customers which product is better for them and why. In this way, we keep on communicating updates that are made on items. So, if there is one model of a product then we tell customers why they should buy it over another. Such spoon-feeding is done on a set price range of products. In this way, we increase the interest of buyers.

Engaging on Instagram

We engage with the audience on Instagram. Posting compelling photos and adding products to Instagram, directly brings customers to a site. It is easy to interact with audience on Instagram. Online sales increase when a product or service is promoted directly on Instagram. Then, people directly land on e-commerce sites where they get motivated to place orders for different products.

Facebook Page launch

Facebook is an innovative platform for carrying on with e-commerce. It is easy to create a Facebook page or create an online Facebook store. Then it becomes very easy to increase sale of a product. This social media site has millions of subscribers. It is easy to market your product by setting your target region and the people who you want to sell your product to.

Work on E-mail campaigns

Our professionals at Yukti Digital do a lot of homework on email subscribers. We are not just interested in capturing a bunch of email addresses. Our task is to improve customer experience so that others come to know about our exclusive services. With sharing of relevant content, customers get to know what all products people are buying. We offer exclusive promo codes and free gifts so that the reach becomes extensive. It helps to grow the number of people visiting an e-commerce website.

Send Reminder Emails

As a marketing campaign, our professionals send reminder emails to add to the list of e-commerce marketing ideas. Our wish list reminder emails make customers return to the site and place orders for an item that was in their wish list. The reminder emails convince customers to buy products that they earlier intended to purchase. No one wants to miss an item they were eyeing. Just a reminder works and does the job.

We at Yukti Digital do our best to send over the message to customers about an e-commerce website. For this reason, we take various stands and employ various methods. We publicize products and services on different platforms. This is how we help an e-commerce platform become famous. Our E-commerce marketing techniques are innovative as we implement new plans. To know more about us, visit our website or give us a call. We shall be pleased to help you.