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If we’ve learnt anything about logo trends over the last two years, it’s that nothing is predictable. Ugly is in, millennials are ancient, and things that were previously considered outmoded are suddenly fashionable. In keeping with the cyclical nature of trends, we’re seeing firms reimagining vintage styles and breathing fresh life into logo designs like never before.


As we approach 2022, we’re all a little wiser and ready to go on with a new attitude and a new perspective. So, whether you’re beginning a new business or refreshing your brand, keep in mind that your logo is the formidable face of your brand and the most identifiable component of your firm. We invite you to explore your creative boundaries this year, but with one caveat: logos are built to stay. Whether you hire a designer or develop your own logo, be sure it symbolises your brand identity and can evolve with your firm over time. So, without further ado, here are the top 2022 logo design trends to watch for.


Some Thoughts on Logos


Based on past experience, it is safe to assume that even today, there are corporate leaders who choose to outsource logo designing to a professional without completely grasping what this term involves. There are numerous points of view on this subject. For example, there will always be some who would clearly claim that a logo is a beautiful image. Many individuals would claim that it is the same as a trademark.


If we’ve learned anything over the last two years, it’s that life is unpredictable, and trends come and go. We believe that logos will grow more colourful and less limited in 2022, as many of us will have had to modify our lifestyles in the face of the pandemic. We go down the top projected logo designs and why they fit a bolder and more adaptive lifestyle.


Top Design Trends 2022


1. Animation


We’ve already seen the animated logo trend gain steam, with both large and small businesses hopping on board to develop more dynamic versions of their mark. Do you know why this effect has grown so popular? Animation is a tool for narrative, providing a unique chance to add context and life to an otherwise static design. It also allows for complete uniqueness, which may offer your company a creative advantage over competition.


Also, keep your target audience in mind. The digital realm is noisy and crowded, and their time is valuable—you only have a few seconds to hook them.


2. Negative Space


Negative space will be taken to new heights in 2022. The use of negative space provides for captivating pictures with multiple or hidden meanings.


Designers are beginning to see it as a blank canvas to be filled in many ways depending on where and how the logo is utilised. Logos, for example, will be adjusted based on the background. Using numerous approaches to fill the logo with diverse aspects or things to represent openness and flexibility. Consider the changing seasons; these sorts of logos may be altered depending on whether there are beaches in the distance or snow falling from the sky.


Because of its versatility, this style will be appealing to a wide range of brands. This logo is ideal for a firm that wants to maintain design consistency but does not want to commit to a single solid motif.

3. Simplified Geometry


Forms are visual building components. However, while fundamental shapes like triangles, squares, and circles are usually gradually discarded when they provide the foundation, their pure simplicity has force.


This ability is put to use by 2022 designers in the form of logos made out of simple lines and shapes. Strict adherence to basic shapes gives these logos the appearance of purposeful confinement, allowing them to exercise their freedom elsewhere, for example in highly saturated colours.


Furthermore, basic layering can create a picture of the structure and depth, a suggestion to the previously noticed trend in the viewpoint of drawing. Designers may create logos that are easy to comprehend, memorable, and vibrant all at the same time by using pure design language.


4. Fonts with a Unique Style


Designers experiment with line thickness and text size to add depth and intricacy to their designs. The year 2022 is all about pushing limits, and this trend allows designers to break down the usual constraints of basic text. This logo trend, which involves changing single letters or even entire sentences, makes us all want to venture outside of our comfort zone.


All lowercase letters work well together in terms of visual harmony. It all relies on the term and how the letters appear combined, so get creative with the font. Different letter heights and line curves are also unusual and startling for most companies. Most crucial, keep words readable.

5. Nature Inspired Logo Design


This 2022 design trend will grow and take over like weeds in your yard after the wet season. It has long been a reliable source of design inspiration for several nature-related businesses. Natural logo design that gives you a sense of tranquilly and quiet, a breath of fresh air, new growth, and new roots. Can a design concept ever be more appropriate? Take a trip into the woods with a grin on your face.


6. Overlapping Elements / Layers


Overlapping components in a logo may appear to be threatening, yet it is actually brave and bold. Logos with layers are less common since they are more unorthodox. Why? Because it is time-consuming! Using your ideas, you may easily create a basic 2D or 3D logo. Our thoughts, however, do not think in layers. Unless you’re a magician seeking for work?


For 2022, we want to think in terms of volume. Adding layers to your logo design to create space allows for unusual proportions and depth. If you can’t bear the thought of parting with a traditional design, start with geometric forms. Colour mixes can then be added to disturb the typical text within the logo.

7. Colours that Pop


Prepare for the universe to manifest itself in 2022. Our community will succeed in spreading happiness, and what better method to do so? Expression! Using bold, vivid colours will create a clear aim in your logo and demonstrate confidence. If a whole landscape of bright colours isn’t your thing, feel free to put in colourful accents to a modest project.


The contemporary neon and holographic logos make a statement on dark backgrounds. As more and more rivals enter the B2B industry, tactics must be taken to remain at the top. Remember that being bold is a sign of bravery.

8. Designs that are Funky


This trend is making a comeback not just in fashion, but also in online design. It’s sleek, vintage, and always funky. With this style in mind, you may reflect the 70s era by combining bright or subdued colours with basic line work. Take it a step further by including wacky typefaces to capture the whole range of the positive and welcoming lifestyles espoused in the 1970s and presently.


An essential aspect of logo psychology is identifying your target audience and communicating with them in a relevant and meaningful manner. Using design trends from prior periods inspires memories and a sense of familiarity between brand and customer. In 2022, individuals will naturally seek favourable enforcements, encouraging assets, and familiarity to help them in the New Year.


9. Decorative Monogram Logo


This logo design style is unique. The ornamental monogram is a wonderfully lovely design that is ideal for aspirational companies. The ornamental monogram, like every other design on our list, has been updated for current use. You may go all-out on the complexity of your ornamental monogram if you keep the colours and lines basic. 2022 already has a terrific logo!


There will be a lot of nostalgia from many decades and art styles. Look to the past for ideas for your next logo design. Consider what has succeeded in the past and what has elicited the types of emotions you wish to elicit in your new design. Then, find a method to reinvent it for 2022, whether that means expanding it, blurring it, animating it, or just giving it a new colour palette.


Final Words


2022 is just around the corner, ready to reveal fantastic throwbacks to the roaring twenties, dazzling neon from the 1980s, and loads of vibrancy and dynamism. What are regulations for if not to break them? With that, we can’t wait to see where the brilliant works of graphic designers rule breakers will lead us. Are you ready to reveal your most recent logo design? The year 2022 is rapidly approaching, and what better opportunity to breach some design norms than now?


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