Digital Marketing Trends That Are On The Verge Of Expiration

With over 500 million Indians already online, the digital industry is moving on to the next level. Since the access of easy internet for all, the world has seen 10 times growth in the usage of internet data. Resulting to this, the dynamic platform of digital marketing has witnessed a steady growth and development. The digital trends that have been working for the past few years have been running out now and, more effective trends have emerged. Let’s take a look at few of the digital marketing practices that are soon going to expire and their improvised versions that have already taken over.

Non-Personalised Emails

Do you like your inbox flooded with mass mails on regular basis? Nobody is interested to receive such emails and they delete them without even reading. Such non-personalised emails are no longer in fashion as the content may be irrelevant to the audience you are sending it out to. What are going to work these days are personalized emails that assure to catch the attention of audience. Apart from personalising emails, you can target them with what they were searching for, and present them with exciting offers based on their nature of search, interests and past behaviours.

Quantity Not Quality

There has always been the notion that the higher the number of blog posts on website or social media posts, the more traffic their content will generate. However, the truth is somewhat different. The fact is that with the abundance of content available online, it is important to give priority on the quality. High-quality content will stand out in the competition rather than an avalanche of poor quality blogs that will ultimately get lost in the multitude of information.

The trend of pitching your target group with numbers of posts and information till they are converted to loyal customers is now a thing of past. Potential customers are now targeted with a fewer number of quality posts, the contents that audience will find engaging and interesting. This strategy coupled with improved techniques will ensure that the content reaches the right target group.

Twitter Marketing   

Though it is one of the leading social media platforms, Twitter’s reign is coming to an end. Although Twitter is turning over higher revenue for the last financial year, there is no significant growth in the user base in most parts of the world. Brands are now approaching to other effective medium like Instagram, YouTube and Facebook where there are possibilities of getting better reach due to the higher number of active users. Additionally, the cost of ROI and the expense of advertising spend on Twitter in respect to the other platforms are very different. While twitter does perform well in some fields like politics, new and entertainment it is not a preferred platform for digital branding for all brands.

Short Blog Content

Blogs are extremely important for businesses to outshine. If you want to utilize the strategy of content marketing to advertise your brand and attract leads, it is time you forget about short-form content. The average length of a blog should be around 800 to 1000 words but in order to rank higher on Google, you need a more informative, well-researched content of word limit more than 2000 words. Spice up your blogs with infographs and videos to statistical research to make it more enticing and engaging. Apart from different visuals, optimize your content with related keywords and this will drive in maximum visitors to your website from time to time. Also, interlinking your blogs will provide readers with more related posts and keep them coming to your website.

Optimizing Digital ad Campaigns Manually

Optimising your ad campaign is of utmost importance to generate leads and widen your prospects. However, it is quite challenging to create a campaign and to manually go through each ad campaign and to optimize them occasionally. Things have changed and manual optimization is replaced by automated tools and Artificial Intelligence. For example, there are tools like Optmyzr that allow automated optimization of advertising platforms.

Organic Reach on Facebook

It may sound weird, but organic reach on Facebook is not anymore there. As a brand, you should invest on Facebook Ads to reach your target audience. A new feature added to Facebook called “Explore Feed”, specifically integrated for brands. This feature on Facebook is effective as users can view top relevant posts which are chosen for them based on their location, demographics and content consumption.

Last-Click Attribution

This practice which has been around for many days is now replaced by data driven attributes. This upgraded digital advertising trend is a steady process in which the analytics model of the website includes the entire process of marketing, right from attracting a potential buyer and procuring the lead to converting to a customer. The last-click attribution will update about the activity whether a recent buyer logged on to your website to indulge in sales. But, the data driven attribution model shows you about a detailed insight of the journey of the consumer, from the Google ad and emailer they receive to convince them to make purchase.

Since everything changes with time, digital marketing trends are no exception. It is time you follow the current digital marketing trends in 2019 and stay ahead of the online curve. Add some fresh marketing trends to your approach and grow your business.

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